BLUESAND TECHNO SERVICES PVT.LTD is a comprehensive end-to-end supplier & service provider of marine & industrial automation, instrumentation, and safety solutions.Established in 2011 in Kochi- India, Bluesand Techno  has developed a solid reputation throughout the region and worldwide as a key player working to shape the marine automation segment, establishing a reliable brand presence amongst a truly global client portfolio. Bluesand develop specialized activities in control & instrumentation, engineering, and maker authorized specialized services in marine field. An unwavering focus on strong partnerships with manufacturers and equally respectful customer alliances was the key factor that drove Bluesand success.Offering such a comprehensive suite of specialized services to both local regional customers and global clients requires both flexibility to meet specific customer requirements and a solid commitment to a service culture that delivers consistently reliable results.

Our engineering teams are deployed wherever required for equipment installation and periodical agency service requirements as per manufacturer’s specification. This frequent service update provides robust and convenient client assurance while maintaining the operating efficiency of our installed units. It also delivers considerable cost-saving benefits while prolonging the effective life cycle of our products. We offer 24/7 service backup to ensure our clients are never without access to the professional expertise Bluesand can apply to solve repair and maintenance issues.While being a pivotal player in the marine and industrial services, Bluesand commitments mean that we actively support our principal’s diverse global sales projects. This extensive scope of executive operations has fueled our ability to retain a thriving presence in several major port facilities and anchorages where we provide the same comprehensive services to ensure client satisfaction.


Bluesand, as a leading expert in marine and industrial automation and instrumentation, has been able to formulate an impressive suite of alliances with the leading equipment manufacturers due to consistently reliable business practices and this enviable location within one of the world’s most critical hubs of advanced marine technology services.


Comprehensive 24/7 Support Services

for services relating to all our supporting brands. Our qualified, factory-trained engineers and field technicians will discern the problem and locate the solution.

24/7 Sales Services

for prompt action on all product replacement, updates, and new acquisitions relating to all our supporting brands. Expert sales teams will pinpoint your specific needs and deliver a quality product and service consultation.

Expedited Product Availability

We have an extensive stock lot of pre-manufactured genuine spare parts, components, and general equipment ready for immediate and effective dispatch to your required location.

Agency Authorized Support

We provide reliable manufacturer-authorized support.

Onboard Services

Inspections, calibration and quality testing, substance detection and monitoring, safety, and other related services.