HSN KIKAI KOGYO CO LTD established in 1940’s is one of leading manufacturers of marine pumps, Oil Water Separators and Oil Discharge Monitoring Systems for tankers.Oily Water Separators of marine pollution prevention (MARPOL) has received type approval no1 from Transportation Ministry and has already gained 40% market share in Japanese large and mid-size ship industry. Bluesand is the authorized sale and service agents for HSN Kikai products in India with factory trained engineers to provide onboard services and equipment support for systems installed onboard systems.

Marine Pumps.


Marine Class Approved pumps for various onboard ship applications.Eccentric Screw Pump, Self-Priming Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Gear Pumps, Piston Pumps

HSN Motors


HSN motors are suitable for pumps, fans, compressors, and mechanical machine applications where variable or constant speed is required.HSN motors with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) a frequency converted the motor performance can be further improved.

Types of Motors

  • N-M Standard Series Motors
  • N2E-M high Efficiency Series Motors.
  • ND-M Pole Changed multiple speed
  • NB2-M Explosion Proof Series.

Oily Water Separators
HSN-KIKAI has the world’s most compact oily water separator, complying to latest MEPC 107(49) standards with 4-chamber technology that separates the oil in water to specified ppm levels. Bluesand is proud to represent their product line for Oil Separation requirements.

Feature 1: Internal cleaning is easy
The whole surface can be opened, because of which maintenance/inspection can be conducted easily
Feature 2: All entry and exit points are one way
Installation is easy as all the pipes of bilge inlet, processed water outlet, separated oil outlet are in same direction
Feature 3: World’s smallest oil-water separator
Easy replacement and installation as it would easily fit into the installation space of existing oil-water separator due to its compact design.

GHG Indicator
GHG Indicator displays mass of CO2 and EEOI for each voyage with fuel consumption of equipments such as main engine, generator engine and boiler.
In addition, the indicator also displays/records revolution of main engine, ship’s groundspeed and fuel consumption and this information is useful to grasp ship’s condition

Purpose of GHG Indicator

  • Visualize Mass of CO2
  • Clarify Navigation Condition per Voyage
  • Compare Various Navigation Conditions.
  • Raise Crew’s Energy Saving Awareness.