Established as Carbon Monoxide detector maker for Coal Mines in 1959, Toka Seiki today manufacture complete gas detection system for marine ( oil, chemical and gas ) industrial ( production and consumption facilities) and also provide water measurement machinery and analytical instrument of food composition.
Approvals: Class NK approved units.

Combustible Gas

  • Fixed gas TS-303
    • TSKO WBT & Pump Room Gas Detection Panels.
    • TS-503 Digital Indication
    • DZF (3) Diffusion type Detector
    • DZP(3) Suction Type Sampling Unit
  • Portables
    • P-508 Combustible Gases (0-100% LEL & 0-20% Vol)
    • P-510 H Safety Approval for Hydrogen Gas Measurement.
    • GC-708 Measurement for High Gas Concentration . (0 to 100% VOL)
    • PTC-608 Dual Scale Measurement of combustible gases (0 to 100% LEL & o to 100% VOL)
  • TIP- HY Measurement of Hydrogen Gas
  • TIP-HS Measurement of Hydrogen Sulfide.
  • TIP-ND/CO/SO Measurement of Nitrogen Dioxide / Carbon Monoxide / Sulfur Dioxide.


  • Fixed Gas
    • T0-303  Analog type
    • TS-503  Digital Type.
  • Portables
    • TIP-OXF ( Diffusion type) Oxygen Content Monitoring Unit.
    • TIP –OXP ( Suction type) Oxygen Content Monitoring Unit

Toxic Gas

  • Fixed Gas
    • TK-303 (Analog Toxic Gas Content Monitoring System)
    • TS-503 (Digital Toxic Gas Content Monitoring System)
  • Portables

Multi Gas
Oxygen Concentration Monitor for Vapour Emission Control Systems (VECS)
LED Lighting .